UX & UI Design

Coach Website

A redesign focused on the category and detail pages of the Coach website.


See it live at Coach


Designed a responsive layout to optimize the shopping experience tablet, desktop and mobile. 



Adaptive Design

Larger screen sizes utilized an open column structure that allowed users to mark several filters at once, while mobile was altered to use stacked accordions and native selectors for a more optimized experience. 


Improved image zoom to showcase product texture.


Added full screen zoom as an alternate zoom.



Robust Filtering

Finding items in the desired size, style and color is key to a successful online shopping experience. Core to the redesign was the creation of a new architecture and logic for a new filtering system that is easy to use and mobile-friendly



Defining Wayfinding Mechanisms

Breadcrumbs help users understand where they are in the hierarchy. Finding the balance between obvious and overwhelming was key to a successful interface.


Product Detail page Wire concepts


Category Page Requirements